22 Feb 2013

And We're Back

Welcome to Point on Pod, I'm Jaxley. You may know me from previous blogs, such as Onslaughts of an OutlawedI'm a lowsec pirate and as such a director of The Tuskers, New Eden's leading corp in skewing people's conception of good PvP.

Now, why get a whole new blog started in the first place? It's not too long a story: about a year ago, blogging was getting kind of stale and I wanted to see how else I could share my exploits publically. Under the label Point on Pod, I took a few forays into other formats.

PoP's first incarnation was a video podcast kinda thing. The idea was to have maybe three Tuskers roaming solo, but always staying within a couple systems from each other. They would each record the whole shebang and talk about stuff while searching for targets. The footage would be edited into an episode of about 30–45 minutes.
Shortly after an endearingly terrible test run (nonetheless promising), the two other Tuskers running the show unfortunately went inactive (coincidentally, I hope). Interest in corp was too low to build a new cast, so that was that.

Next up was a live stream. I couldn't be bothered to learn video editing myself, so doing it live was the perfect excuse. However, EVE "unplugged" and all by itself makes for a bad viewing experience. And somebody preoccupied with shooting stuff makes for a mediocre commentator at best. That aside, it didn't really suit my rather cautious play style and I couldn't get comfortable with feeding live intel to other hunters around me.

Eventually I did try my hand at editing PvP footage into commentated videos. The results turned out decent, but getting there just proved much too time consuming (think 3 hours for 3 minutes).

So it seems like I've come full circle with this here blog. Same old? Not quite: I used to limit myself strictly to covering my actual gameplay experience. This time around, I won't avoid discussing other aspects of the game, i.e. balancing, best practices or the state of certain features. You can still expect me to only cover lowsec piracy however.

Hope you'll enjoy and cheers for stopping by! o7

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